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 A8'11 - Regras (Rules)

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Data de inscrição : 13/11/2011
Idade : 28

A8'11 - Regras (Rules) Empty
MensagemAssunto: A8'11 - Regras (Rules)   A8'11 - Regras (Rules) Icon_minitime1Dom Nov 13, 2011 6:55 pm


- The tournament takes place in any public room of GameZer, 295- 296-297-298 preferentially. (The captains must choose the room(s) before the matches). (New)
- With the registration all the players are agree with the championship rules, which are published on the GzWorld forum.
- All the championship games are played without guide and spin. If a player invites you for a championship game with guide and/or without spin, reject.
- It's recommended to block the chat when there are "Annoying" players in the match that are not related to the registered players of the championship because the game can get lag and the frames won't be repeated if this happens (New)
- If the organizers suspect, discover, or are sure that the player or the players who are disturbing in a game have any kind of friendship with any of the teams members involved, the team will be penalized according to the discomfort of his/her friend(s) could have caused.
- If the organizers suspect, discover, or are sure that a player or a team is/are sharing accounts, the disqualification of the team will be instantly and obligatory.
- The organizers can't take decisions in problems where is/are involved him, players of his team, players of his country, close friends, etc. (None of his words must be considered before taking a decision) (New)

Championship Account:

- Every player is allowed to play in the tournament with only one account (He can change it asking to the organizers providing valid reasons, the organizers will decide to accept or deny the request). (new)
- Every player of the tournament is allowed to play with his registered tournament ID only.
- The nick name of every participating player must show ASCII characters only.
- The player must play with the flag of his country.
- Hiding the flag or the nickname is forbidden (He must play visible) (New)
- The player can't play without showing his/her correct flag and/or without his registered nickname and/or account, if he plays without some of the past requirements he will be considered as absent and there will be a countdown for him. (New)
- If a player hasn't his registered nickname and/or is hiding his flag his adversary must decide if he wants to play or not, once the match has started the previous rule is no more valid. (New)
- In case of multiple accounts a player must use only his highest account for Championships. (Without exceptions)

Disqualifications or penalties:

- When the game starts, all the visitors of the game must stay is silence.
- If a player has an objection, the match moderator must decide what to do (In certain cases only the organizers can take a decision but the moderator must provide all the available information to them). (New)
- The use of guide programs is strictly forbidden. If such abuse is discovered you will be disqualified immediately.
- Insulting the other player or the moderator is strictly forbidden. If this happens the moderator may expel the insulting player from the competition presenting the proofs to the organizers.
- Any player who violates the fair play rules of the Mystery Hole Group room or the GzWorld Forum, will be disqualified without any further explanation or discussion from the tournament.
- In case of discovering account sharing (Between any gamezer player) in a tournament the disqualification is obligatory.
- In case of discovering a higher account, the player will be automatically out of the championship.
- ALL the points sanctions will be decreased to the sanctioned team only but not added to the team that was playing against the sanctioned team while the sanction took place (New)(Important)
- While playing, the only valid chat will be between the moderator/players of the match, and only for the next situations:
*Wish good luck, say thanks, any symbol of fair-play (Only in the beginning and end of the match)
*Ask for fair-play (No complaints, only requests, since the fair play isn't obligatory)
*Ask for refreshing
*Ask for a sanction to the moderator (Only about fair-play)
*Score of the match
There must not be any insistence, if there's no answer from the other player and/or moderator this means a "NO" as answer. (New)(Important)
- Any text not related to the above situations and/or any smiley (Even 1) from any player of the tournament in any match of the tournament, will be considered as flood and will be penalized with [-1 Point] for the author's team, there must be screen-shots in the "Disqualifications & Sanctions" topic in the championship forum (New)(Important)
- If a team doesn't present to a match (36-0) it will automatically be disqualified and all the other countries of the group will have 0-0 as result, even if they had already played. (New)

8 Ball

- 1 disconnection (After 10 seconds = Marked in the history) = 1 lost frame (For the player who got disconnected) (New) (Highly Important)
- If a player intentionally hits the opponent's balls or accommodates the 8 Ball with leftover balls from him in the table the frame is counted as lost
- In case of a bad mouse button contact, the opponent can - as a sign of fair play - return the cue ball to its original position, but in case of taking advantage of this situation (The player who got back the cue ball) putting the ball in a different position the player loses the frame.
- In case of draw in a frame (Impossible to continue playing by balls position, the game can be repeated (Draw must be decided by a moderator)


If some player doesn't come at time, the countdown will start after 10 minutes of the decided hour. After those 10 minutes each 5 minutes will mean 1 frame :

18:00 Time to start the match

18:10 Starts the countdown

18:15 -> 1 - 0
18:20 -> 2 - 0
18:25 -> 3 - 0
18:30 -> 4 - 0
18:35 -> 5 - 0
18:40 -> 6 - 0



- El torneo se llevara a cabo en cualquier sala publica de Gamezer. (preferiblemtente 296, 297 y 298)
- Al registrarse cada jugador está de acuerdo con las reglas del campeonato que se publican en el Foro GzWorld.
- Todos los juegos del torneo se juegan sin guía. Si un jugador le invita a un juego del torneo con guía, rechazar.
- En caso de mal contacto con el raton, el oponente puede en señal de juego limpio poner de nuevo la bola a su posición original, pero en caso de tomar ventaja de esta situación poniendo la bola en una posición diferente que el jugador pierde el juego . (¡nueva!)
-Si los organizadores sospechan, descubren, o estan seguros que el jugador o jugadores que molestan en el juego tiene algo que ver con alguno de los jugadores involucrados, será penalizado de acuerdo a la incomodidad de su amigo podría haber causado. (¡nueva!)
-Si los organizadores sospechan, descubren, o estan seguros de que un jugador comparte cuenta, la descalificación del jugador será obligatoria. (¡nueva!)

- Los organizadores No pueden tomar decisiones en problemas en los cuales este involucrado el, jugadores de su pais, equipo etc.(Nueva!)

Cuenta de Campeonato.

- Cada jugador es autorizado de jugar en el torneo con una única cuenta .
- Cada jugador solo se le permite jugar con su ID registrado hasta finalizar el torneo.
- El nick de cada jugador participante debe mostrar solo caracteres ASCII.
- El jugador debe jugar con la bandera de su país.
- Ocultar la bandera o el nick está prohibido y el jugador no puede jugar sin mostrar la bandera correcta y / o sin su nick registrado. (¡nueva!)
- En caso de multiples cuentas debe usar sólo la más alta para el Campeonato.

Descalificaciones y sanciones

- Cuando el juego comienza, todos los visitantes del juego debe permanecer es el silencio.
- Si un jugador tiene una objeción, el moderador tiene que decidir qué hacer.
- El uso de los programas de guía está estrictamente prohibido. Si tal abuso se descubre que será descalificado inmediatamente.
- Insultar al otro jugador o al moderador está estrictamente prohibido. Si esto ocurre, el moderador puede expulsar al jugador de competencia presentando las pruebas a los organizadores. (¡nueva!)
- Cualquier jugador que viola las reglas de juego limpio de Mystery Hole o el Foro GzWorld, será descalificado sin ninguna otra explicación o discusión del torneo.
- En caso de descubrir cuentas compartidas en un torneo de la descalificación es obligatoria.
- En caso de descubrir que un jugador posee una cuenta más alta, el jugador quedará automáticamente fuera del campeonato. (¡nueva!)

8 Ball

- 1 desconexión (despues de 10 segundos = marcada en el historial) = 1 juego perdido (para el jugador que se desconecte) (Nueva) (Muy Importante)
- Si un oponente golpea directa e intencionalmete o acomoda la bola 8 teniendo bolas de sobra se contara como perdido para el jugador que realize esta accion.
- En caso de mal contacto con el raton, el oponente puede - en señal de juego limpio poner de nuevo la bola a su posición original,pero en caso de tomar ventaja de esta situación poniendo la bola en una posición diferente que el jugador pierde el juego . (Nueva)
- En caso de empate en un juego (que no se pueda seguir jugando por la posición de las bolas, el juego se puede repetir (debe ser decidido por un moderador) (Nueva)

Cuenta regresiva:

- Si algún jugador no llega a tiempo, la cuenta regresiva comienza después de 10 minutos de la hora acordada. Despues de esos 10 minutos, cada 5 minutos significará un juego ganado:

18:00 Hora de inicio del partido

18:10 Comienza la cuenta regresiva

18:15 -> 1 - 0
18:20 -> 2 - 0
18:25 -> 3 - 0
18:30 -> 4 - 0
18:35 -> 5 - 0
18:40 -> 6 - 0
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A8'11 - Regras (Rules)
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